• 21 Jun, 2024

15 ChatGPT Hacks That Can Change Your Life in 2024

ChatGPT has sparked global excitement with its ingenious AI capabilities that put the power of creativity and productivity at your fingertips. This chatbot makes light work of once time-consuming tasks. However, its great power requires responsible development so we can realize its benefits while addressing its limitations. 

ChatGPT Hacks That Can Change Your Life in 2024

  1. Transformation in appearance
  2. Learn with GPT
  3. Explain to a Child
  4. Assigning Roles
  5. Prompt Formatting
  6. Custom Instruction
  7. Web ChatGPT
  8. Talk to GPT
  9. YouTube summary
  10. Event Planning & Recipe Generation 
  11. Fitness and Meditation
  12. Ghostwrite: ChatGPT Email Assistant
  13. Real-Time Statistics and Graphs
  14. Music With GPT
  15. Meme Generator

Nathan Herman

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