Golden Residency visas in UAE

Golden Residency visas in UAE

Golden Residency visas will be given to chosen residents in the #UAE. This will allow long-term residency for selected individuals, for a span of 10 years, starting from early December this year. This is granted by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for all holders of doctoral degrees, doctors, selected engineers, specialists in epidemiology and viruses, inventors, scientists and students with excellent performance from state accredited universities with a score of 3.8 or more.

The aim of Golden Residency is to attract experts, innovators and exceptional talents to stay in the Emirates and continuously support the country towards #business growth, economic development and success. It is granted to those with brilliant minds and skills in the field of science, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, to create an environment that encourages investment and creativity. Granting #goldenresidency motivates dedication to work and creates solutions to help the community’s current conditions and enhance the state’s competitiveness. Families of those who are entitled for golden residency may also take advantage of its benefits.

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